Dr G CoombsPathWest, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch WA
Deputy Chairperson
Prof G NimmoPathology Queensland, Central Laboratory, Qld
Dr T GottliebConcord Hospital, NSW
Minute Secretary/Scientific Officer
Ms D DaleyPathWest Laboratory Medicine, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch WA
Scientific Advisor
Ms J BellUniversity of Adelaide, SA
Executive Committee Members
Prof B HowdenMDU, Doherty Institute
Prof J TurnidgeOffice of Safety and Quality, NSW
Prof P CollignonThe Canberra Hospital, ACT
Ms N GeorgePathology Queensland, Central, Royal Brisbane Hospital, QLD
Dr J RobsonSullivan and Nicolaides Pathology, QLD
Ms D KotsanasMonash Medical Centre, Vic
Dr KotsiuRoyal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Dr P JohnsonAustin Health
Prof L GraysonAustin Health
Dr G Kotsiou
Mr P Huntington
Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Dr S van Hal
Mr B Watson
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Dr J Iredelll
Dr A Ginn
Westmead Hospital, NSW
A/Prof T Gottlieb
Mr G Robertson
Concord Hospital, NSW
Dr J Branley
Ms D Barbaro
Nepean Hospital, NSW
Prof P Collignon
Ms S Bradbury
The Canberra Hospital, ACT
A/Prof D Spelman
Ms A Dennison
Alfred Hospital, VIC
A/Prof A Daley
Ms G Gonis
Royal Women's and Children's Hospital, VIC
A/Prof M-J Waters
Ms L Joyce
St Vincent's Hospital, VIC
Dr B Howden
Dr P Ward
Austin Health, VIC
Dr T Korman
Ms D Kotsanas
Monash Medical Centre VIC
Prof G Nimmo
Ms N George
Pathology Queensland, Central, QLD
Dr E Binotto
Ms B Thomsett
Pathology Queensland, Cairns Base Hospital, QLD
Dr P Derrington
Ms S Dal-Cin
Pathology Queensland, Gold Coast, QLD
Dr C CoulterPathology Queensland, Prince Charles Hospital, QLD
Dr N Runnegar
Mr J Douglas
Pathology Queensland, Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD
Dr J Robson
Ms G Peachey
Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, QLD
Dr M Warner
Ms Kija Smith
SA Pathology, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Dr K Papanaoum
Mr N Wells
SA Pathology, Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Ms Jan BellUniversity of Adelaide, SA
Dr R Baird
Ms J Hennessy
Royal Darwin Hospital, NT
Mr J McLeodAlice Springs Hospital, NT
Dr D McGechie
Ms D Daley
PathWest Laboratory Medicine, Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA
Dr O Robinson
Mr G Coombs
PathWest Laboratory Medicine, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Dr S Pottumarthy-Boddu
Ms F Kappler
St John of God Pathology, WA
Ms J Bowman
Dr R Murray
PathWest Laboratory Medicine, QEII, WA
Dr M LeungRemote WA, QEII, WA
Dr Shalinie Perera
Mr I Meyer
Joondalup Hospital, WA
Dr L Cooley
Mr D Jones
Royal Hobart Hospital, TAS