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TITLE Alarm at Spread of Superbugs Beyond Hospitals
AUTHOR Amy Corderoy, Sydney Morning Herald

SMH Alarm at Superbugs.pdf


TITLE Antimicrobial resistance in group B Streptococcus: the Australian experience.
AUTHOR S Garland, E Cottrill, L Markowski, C Pearce, V Clifford, D Ndisang, N Kelly, A Daley on behalf of the GBS Resistance Study Group

Group B Streptococcus.pdf


TITLE Variation in erythromycin and clindamycin resistance patterns between New Zealand and Australian group B streptococcus isolates
AUTHOR V Clifford, H Heffernan, K Grimwood and S Garland on behalf of the Australasian GBS Resistance Study Group

GBS erythromycin and clindamycin.pdf

TITLE Superbugs lead infection race

Tony Kirby, Weekend Australian 8 May 2010


Australian 8 May 2010.pdf



Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia: a major cause of mortality in Australia and New Zealand

J Turnidge, D Kotsanas, W Munckhof, S Roberts, C Bennett, G Nimmo, R Murray, B Howden, P Johnson, K Dowling


TITLE A comprehensive integrated surveillance program to improve Australia's response to antimicrobial resistance
AUTHOR Expert Advisory Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (EAGAR)
TITLE How to Treat cMRSA
AUTHOR Dr Ronan J Murray, Matthew D Rawlins
PAPER How to Treat cMRSA - Murray et al.pdf
TITLE AICA Blood Stream Infection Definition
AUTHOR Australian Infection Control Association
TITLE Emergence and Spread of Rifampicin-resistant MRSA during Vancomycin-Rifampicin Combination therapy in an ICU
AUTHOR O Ju, M Woolley and D Gordon
PAPER Eur J Clin Micr Infect Dis 2006 25:61-62
TITLE Type V SCCmec in Community Staphylococci in Australia
AUTHOR F O'Brien, G Coombs, J Pearson, K Christiansen and W Grubb
PAPER AAC 2005; 49(12):5129-5132
TITLE Evolution of Multi-resistance Plasmids in Australian Clinical Isolates of E. coli
AUTHOR M Sherley, D Gordon and P Collignon
PAPER Microbiology 2004;150:1539-1546
TITLE MRSA Surveillance and Denominators
AUTHOR ML McLaws and D McGechie
ORAL PAPER AGAR Scientific Meeting 2004
TITLE Infectional Control: Shutting the Gate after the Horse has Bolted
ORAL PAPER AGAR Scientific Meeting 2004
TITLE Antibiotic Resistance
AUTHOR P Collignon
PAPER MJA 2002; 177:325-329